Graeme Loy A/Chief Executive, WSLHD

Over the past 12 years, Graeme has held a number of executive roles, including chief executive for North Sydney Local Health District. His knowledge of both clinical and corporate services includes a strong focus on system performance through healthy relationships. 

Graeme has accumulated significant experience in all aspects of leadership in both the public and private sectors. He takes great pride in being able to deliver highly complex clinical services through high performing teams.

His breadth of knowledge spans facility, district and statewide environments and enables him to couple strategic direction with the broader improvement and research goals, including ensuring optimal provision of safe, high quality and timely clinical services in-line with the needs of the community and the health system.

With patients as his principal focus, Graeme strives to support NSW Health to deliver high-quality care and brings a simple motto to each discussion – “what if it was your mum?”

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