Dr Vijay Paul Co-Founder, Vantari VR

Dr Vijay Paul is co-founder of Vantari VR, a virtual reality application for medicine, built with the intention of harnessing the power of VR for transformative healthcare applications.

Vijay has always been passionate about working at the intersection of technology and health, to leverage the unique strengths of emerging technology to solve real life problems in clinical medicine. After completing his undergraduate in medical science with neuroscience research, Vijay completed medicine at the University of Queensland. Post-graduation he was interested in both surgery and acute medicine and worked in various health networks over time. His time commitments to Vantari VR means that he now travels around regional Australia working as an emergency medicine registrar as time allows, combining clinical medicine with a full-time business venture.

Previously, Vijay has been involved in junior doctor representation as Vice President of the RMO Association of the Bankstown network, as well as co-founding Doclife, a mentoring and educational platform for students and doctors. He is passionate about solving the greater healthcare challenges and considers technology as an important component of addressing these challenges. 


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