Dr Jonathan King Founder and CEO, Lysn

Dr Jonathan King is the Founder and CEO of Lysn, an online health platform which allows all Australians access to qualified Australian psychologists via phone and video tele-conferencing. After graduating from Bond University, Jonathan travelled throughout Queensland, NSW, Victoria and ACT as a surgical registrar in both the metropolitan and rural communities. It was during these travels, he recognised the health inequalities relating to access of services, and as a result, Lysn was born.

Given his passion for utilising health technology to improve outcomes, Jonathan has recently co-founded an AI research platform that will launch very soon at a NSW hospital, and works as a clinical medical consultant for AI Sydney. 

Jonathan is also a strong advocate for decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health and improving wellbeing in the workplace. He dedicates his spare time to supporting several charities in the mental health space.

Dr Jonathan King profile picture